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The company gives utmost importance to providing a nurturing work environment conducive to inspire employees for innovation growth.

We believe in development of team members and exposing them to different training programs regularly to enhance their skill set. We motivate our human assets to take new challenges and achieve higher growths.

We continuously strive to provide inspiring leadership by imbibing these core values. our workplace encourages knowledge sharing and provides excellent learning & development opportunities.

Our Culture:

At Atra our employees are our greatest asset. Our success is attributed to the efficient and committed. We believe in engaging people who share our values and in recognizing & rewarding a job well done. We have always given importance to helping our team members learn, innovate, experiments and grow.

Our Culture:

?/span>         Customer Focus

?/span>         Continual learning and improvement

?/span>         Culture Building

?/span>         We empower people through delegation & training.

?/span>         Our head of departments continuously mentor and coach the team.

?/span>         Fast track career growth plans for star performance.

?/span>         We believe in celebrations of key milestone achievement together.

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